3 Reasons To Schedule Tree Stump Removal Service In Woodinville

3 Reasons To Schedule Tree Stump Removal Service In Woodinville

Cutting down trees and clearing out the land you have is a great way to remove trees that may be in danger of falling over and damaging the property. Sometimes, you may want to remove them simply because of the overgrowth of an area. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to realize the dangers of leaving tree stumps behind after a tree is cut. That’s why Eagles Landscaping is here. We can help you with our tree stump removal service in Woodinville to prevent future issues,

Discover the reasons you should remove tree stumps below, and give us a call when you’re ready to check out how we can help with all your landscaping needs:

Unwanted Guests

For starters, the tree stump that is left behind can be an attraction to vermin or pests that you don’t want in your yard. If a tree stump has a disease or pests, they can quickly spread to the surrounding trees left on the property. This is why you must have them removed sooner rather than later.

Keep On Growing

Did you know that roots from the stump can continue to grow even if the tree is gone? They can move along underground, wreaking havoc on your sidewalks, sewer pipes, and more. It’s important to obliterate it to prevent further damage from taking place.

Remove Liability

When a stump is left in the yard, it can quickly become a point of liability for unsuspecting guests on your property. They can trip over the stump, children could fall and get hurt, or the roots themselves could be a hazard.

While we are always here for your tree pruning needs, remember that completely removing any trace of the tree when you decide to cut it down is vital for your investment. Call us today at (425) 517-2387 to learn more about our tree stump removal service in Woodinville.

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